Terms Of Service

By Adding A(An) Trustline To Cuts Token From veteranscuts.com Issuing Account:




A trustline Holder (Henceforth Known As “Holder”) Hereby Agrees to the following Terms & Conditions Set Forth By The Cuts Token Project Team/Platform (Henceforth known as “Cuts”) without either hesitation or mental reservation. A Holder accepts all responsibility of comprehending Terms & Conditions, in it’s entirety. A Holder agrees entirely and altogether to the following Terms & Conditions expanded upon in subsequent paragraphs below.

A Holder accepts and entirely comprehends Cuts operation in conjunction with Hearts For Heroes, LLC, as accepting only donations. A Holder forbids him/herself from intentionally or unintentionally manipulating sell, buy, trade price for Cuts Token. A Holder forbids him/herself of profit because of his/herself willfull donation to Cuts Token Project Platform. A Holder releases Cuts and Hearts For Heroes, LLC, of any and all liability associated with any and or all misinterpretation(s) leading to or resulting in: (1) revocation of a trustline, (2) clawback of Cuts Token because of malicious and or bad actor behaviour(s), (3) loss of funding, (4) blacklisted public key.

By Adding The Trustline And Purchasing Cuts, The Holder Agrees That They Understand In Full That Cuts Is A Donation Token And No Different Than Depositing Spare Change Into A Donation Jar And Then Not Expecting To Receive Any Further Personal Monetary Gain From The Act Of The Donation.

Holder Agrees That Cuts Is Custom Designed As A Hold Only Token As A Show Of Support Towards Vets And The Cuts Project As A Whole.

Holder Agrees That 50% Of The Donation Will Go Directly To Our Escrow Account For Full Use Towards The Actual Haircut That We Will Be Donating To Vets As Is The Basis For The Project At The Core. This Can Be Viewed With 100% Transparency On The Stellar Explorer For Verification. Holder Agrees That The Other 50% Will Be Used At The Cuts Teams Discretion To Further Advance The Project And Be Used For Operating Costs, Advertising, Marketing And All Other Cuts Related Needs To Further Grow Cuts.

Holder Agrees That There Is Full Understanding That Cuts Being A Donation Token Was Custom Designed With Security Features To Prevent Any Manipulation Of The Token Upon Purchasing In That Cuts Has A Clawback Feature Built In As Well As The Trustline Can Be Revoked In Full By Cuts If Any Tokens Are Used In Any Further Manipulative Way. This Includes But Not Limited To Entering Purchased Cuts Tokens Into Any Liquidity Pools, Automated Money Makers, Trading Pairs Or If There Are Buy Orders Set By An Account For Less Than The FMV ( Fair Market Value) That Was Established By Cuts. Any And All Of These But Not Limited To Just These Actions Will Result In Your Account Being Clawbacked And Revoked Or Fully De-Authorized After Fair Due Warning As We Do Understand That Cuts At The Current Moment Is An Entirely New Concept And There Has Never Been Anything Like It On Stellar Or Any Other Blockchain. If You Are An Account Holder And Have Had Your Account De-Authorized And Feel This Was Done In Error, Please Reach Out To Us Via Our Contact Page As We Will Work Towards Reviewing Each Issue On A Case By Case Basis. As A Fully 100% Transparent Donation Token With A Full 50% Going To The Actual Cause Of The Intended Donation. In Order To Protect The Integrity Of The Project And The Act Of The Donation Itself Cuts Felt It Imperative That These Security Measures Be Custom Built Into Cuts Prior To Release. This Clawback Or De-Authorization Depending On The Severity Can Also Happen Without Warning As A Blatant Attempt At Manipulation Will Result In An Automatic Clawback And Revocation Of The Trustline. Be Warned. Cuts WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED, So Don’t Attempt It. You Won’t Succeed.

Holder Agrees That Upon Purchasing Cuts That Cuts Performs Monthly As Well As Random Clawbacks Of Held Tokens And Then Sends Those Tokens To A Holdings Account So As To Provide An Extra Layer Of Security And Clarity That The Clawbacked Tokens Will Not Go Back Into Circulation Resulting In A “Double Dipping” By The Cuts Project Members. These Tokens Will Instead Be Burned By Sending Them Back To The Issuing Account And Once Again This Can Be Fully Verified By The Stellar Ledger. Cuts Is Designed To Be One Of The Single Most Transparent Full Utility Non Security Tokens On The Stellar Blockchain. Providing Donations Of Haircuts To Veterans Through Purchases Of Cuts Tokens. Cuts Provides Unparalleled Utility, Trust And Clarity To The Model Of Future Donation Token Projects As It Is Backed By A Full LLC. As It’s Native Project. Hearts For Heroes, LLC.

Holder Agrees That Should They Reside Outside Continental North America That They May Not Qualify For Certain Rewards Or Contest Winnings Based On International Shipping Costs. Holder Agrees That They May Donate Any Or All Prizes To Another Person/ Business Or Entity Within Continental North America.

Holder Agrees That Should Or When A Clawback Happens That This Is A Pre- Understood Function Of Cuts And At No Point In Time Can The Holder Retaliate Towards Cuts In Any Manner Or In Any Form. This Includes But Not Limited To Negative, Derogatory, Slanderous Or Defamatory Speech Whether In Writing Or Any Other Form Be It Verbal, Or In Picture (Meme) Format On Any Platform, Blog, Vlog, Social Media, Print Or Video Format. Doing So Henceforth Is Considered A Defamatory Slanderous Crime And The Perpetrator Agrees That They Can Be Held Liable Or Libel Should The Offence Be In Print Format. And Punishable Under The Full Extent Of The Law Both State And Federal As Well As Internationally.

Cuts Token, Site Information, Layout, Design, The Cuts Token Logo And All Imagery Custom Designed By StellarVision Media Explicitly For Use By Cuts From veteranscuts.com Is Property In Whole Of Hearts For Heroes, LLC. Any Reproduction In Any Way, Shape Or Form. In Any Format Whether In Print Or Picture Format Is Theft Of Corporate Intellectual Property And You Agree That You Are Punishable Under The Full Extent Of The Law Both State, Federal, As Well As Internationally. Any Use Of Cuts Property Without Prior Written Consent Is A Crime. Perpetrators Will Be Punished Under The Law. Period. Cuts Was Built To Support Vets. The Core Of Cuts Is Honor, Integrity, Trust, And Respect. Cuts Will Not Be Used, Copied, Or Manipulated In Any Way.

Holders Agree That Cuts Is Planning On Implementing A Soroban Smart Contract To Our Platform In The Very Near Future Thus Giving Cuts A Full 100% Secure End to End Purchase For Donations And That The Transaction Of Purchase, Clawback And Burn Will Happen Automatically. Upon This Implementation We Will Also Hope To Have Our NFT Receipts Ready To Be Sent As Airdropped Claimable Balances As Well As That Is In Our Plans.

Should A Holder Win A Prize From One Of Our Contests, Holder Agrees That In Order For Cuts To Be Able To Ship The Prize We First Require Upon Purchase Of Cuts During Contest Open Availability And Only The First Purchase Cuts Requires Holder To, From The Site Contact Page Simply Send A Name And Address For Shipping As Well As Your Public Gcode ONLY. DO NOT SEND YOUR SECRET OR SKEY! NEVER SHARE YOUR SKEY WITH ANYONE! We Ask Only For Your Public Or Gcode So That We Are Able To Verify Winning Name With Winning Account According To The Stellar Ledger. As Well, As Per Laws Regarding Winners Of Prizes Cuts Is Required To Retain At The Very Least A Name Of Winner And Should Winner Wish To Allow Cuts To Publish Name And Photo Please Include These As Well. Any And All Information Received Stays In House For Our Use Only. We Do Not And Will Not Give Your Information To Anyone Else. Ever. Period. That’s Scummy.

These Terms And Conditions As Laid Forth By Cuts Are Non Negotiable And Are Clearly Defined As Such. Any Account Holder That Adds The Trustline To Cuts From veterancuts.com Agrees To Abide By These Terms And Conditions Or Face Full Penalty Of Law. These Terms And Conditions Are Subject To Change At Any Time Without Notice. It Is The Responsibility Of The Holder To Periodically Monitor The Page And Refresh Understanding Of Cuts Terms & Conditions In Full.

Cuts Token Is Wholly Owned By Hearts For Heroes, LLC East Peoria, Illinois

Thank You For Your Service.

Thank You For Your Support.

-Cuts Team.