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Our Second Cuts Token Prize Set Is Both Fitting For The Season AND Has Another Shiny Token As Well!

This Gift Set Consists Of A Camo North Face Fleece Pullover As Well As A Stunning Token Coin Emblazened With The “Don’t Tread On Me” Iconic Image And Motto! As Well, As Always We Like To Throw In A Cuts Token Something Just To Say Thank You ! To Learn How To Have The Chance Of Winning These Items Please Scroll Down The Page To Contest Rules To Learn More And Secure Your Chance To Show Off Your Support For The Cuts Token Project And What We Do!

-Good Luck To All!

We Custom Built The Cuts Token Project For HonorIntegrityTruthRespectLove

Fleece Pullover (Size XL). Don’t Tread On Me Token & Cuts Token Magnet

Welcome To The Cuts Token Contest Rules Spot. Below You Will Find A Full Layout Of How We Have Very Carefully Created Our Second Contest!



With The Now Complete And Rather Heartwarming Success Of The First Ever Cuts Contest Now Completed And The Winner Has Been Declared And Prize Was Received We Can Move Forward And Be Able To Legally Offer Our Amazing Contest To Our Supporters Thus Bringing Awareness To Not Only The Project But Also Helping Veterans While Doing So! That Being Said, As With Our First Contest There Are Some Slight Limitations. With The Second Cuts Token Contest We Are Able To Offer It As “Available For Everyone On Stellar To Enter And Show Your Support To Everyone Else On Stellar” However, Due To Shipping Costs, And, We Being An Incredibly Young And Small Project, We Are Unable To Ship Anything Other Than The Don’t Tread Token To Anyone Outside Of North America. We Apologize Greatly And We Do Hope To Be Big Enough In Time To Be Able To Offer The Full Rewards Package To Everyone Who Enters. In The Event That Indeed One (1) Winner From Outside North America Wins, They Could Then Offer To Donate The Remaining Items To A Friend/ Family Member Within North America And We Will Happily Ship It To Them! For Now That Is What We Felt We Needed To Do To Be Able To Offer The Opportunity To Do The Greatest Good For Everyone Involved.

Also, Keeping In Mind That Cuts Is A DONATION TOKEN And Not Intended To Be Profited Off Of, If An Order Is Set To Purchase Cuts At Lower Than The Offered Rate In An Attempt To Manipulate The Buy/Sell Price Pre-Established By The Cuts Token Team Under FMV Considerations, Either By A Live Entity Or AI Bot, We WILL REVOKE OR DEAUTHORIZE The Trustline Rights Based On That Accounts Public GCode! Be Warned, DO NOT Attempt To Manipulate The Cuts Token, The Project Or The Honor We Show Towards Veterans… You Won’t Succeed! Not On Our Watch!

How It Works:

As With Most Contests There Are Really Only A Very Few Set Rules. The Ones We As A TEAM Sat And Came Up With Were Purpose Designed To Allow Us As Much Possible Control Over The Integrity Of The Project And Contest As Possible. So, With That Being Said There Are Really Only 3 Steps To Entering The Contest.

  1. Establish A Trustline To The Cuts Token From Or Have A Trustline Already Pre-Established.
  2. Any Purchase Of EXACTLY TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY (250) Full Cuts Tokens Will Count As An Entry For The Duration Of The Contest. You Will Only Need To Establish The Trustline Once Even After The Clawback Of The Purchased Entry Tokens. Therefore Allowing You To Make More Contest/ Future Purchases Of Cuts Tokens Without Having To Re-Establish The Trustline A Second Time. ONLY Purchases Of EXACTLY Two Hundred And Fifty (250) Cuts Tokens Will Count As An Entry. (A Purchase Of 1000 Would Not Then Count As Four Entries And So Forth) The Account With The Most Purchases Of Cuts Tokens In The Amount Of Two Hundred And Fifty (250) Cuts Tokens At The End Of The Contest Upon Closing Date And Confirmation Of Completion Of The Rules… Wins (Please Read All Steps Below). It’s That Simple. The More Entry Packages of 250 Cuts Tokens A Supporter Buys.. The Better The Chance To Win!
  3. Upon Your First Purchase Of Two Hundred And Fifty (250) Cuts Tokens You MUST Email Us From Our Contact Page And Simply Send Us Your Name, Address To Send Prize To Should You Win And Finally Your Public Or Gcode From Stellar So That We Can Verify Name With Winning Gcode & Then Contact You. Lastly, Please Include A Simple Statement Agreeing That Should You Win You Will Agree To Allow Us To Publish Your Name Only And Photo With Permission Only, So As To Prove The Legitimacy Of Proof Of Prize Winner Under Law. This Also Serves As A Second Barrier Of Protection Against Bots Having A Chance To Manipulate The Contest In A Dishonest Manner. We Thank You In Advance For Understanding Our Need To Impose A Very Small Security Measure For Our Supporters Trust. We Feel Our Vets Are Worth The Effort. Without A Name And Contact As Well As The Included Public Code Or GCode We Will Have No Way Of Contacting The Prize Winner. So Please Make Sure To Send The Email And Info. Would Be A Shame To Have To Not Give It To Who It Should.
  4. At The End Of The Contest Closing Date, The Public Gcode With The Most Purchases Of Cuts Tokens In The Amount Of 250 Cuts Tokens Between Opening And Closing Dates Will Win The Prize Set! Simple As That. We Feel That By Implementing These VERY Simple Rules We Are Not Only Able To Give Our Supporters Faith And Belief In Our Project, But Also In How We Conduct The Cuts Contest As Well. WE CANT WAIT To Announce The Winner On Our Social Media Sites As Well As Telegram. As Per Proper Laws We Are Bound To Print The Winners Name And All Entrants Must Agree To Allowing A Name Only To Prove The Winner Will Be Permitted Under Law.
  5. The Contest Will Run From 07:00 am March 12, 2023 Until 11:59 pm UTC Apr. 1, 2023 And The Winner Will Be Announced On Our Sites Contest Winner Page, Social Media Sites Such As Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, And Telegram. (See Our Social Media Links On Home Page) Upon Contact Of Recipient And Verification Of Name We Will Then Begin The Delivery Of Prize To Recipient. If The Winner Should Decline The Prize For Some Reason We Will Then Contact The Next Highest Token Purchaser Between Opening And Closing Dates Of The Contest. Winner Will Be Announced On April 7, 2023 Thus Giving Us Ample Time To Verify GCode And Name For Delivery. We Wish We Could Reward You All For Your Generosity, Kindness And Support But Sadly We Can Only Reward One Lucky Supporter This Go Around. However….. There Will Be Yet Another Contest. We May Even Have Some Of The Prizes Just Waiting To Be Won So If You Don’t Win This Go Around…. Just Wait Till You See What We Have In Store For The Third Go Around;)


If You Are A Tradesman/ Artisan/ Craftsman/ Artist And Would Like To Donate An Item As A Prize In Our Future Contests, Please Reach Out To Us On Our Contact Page. Thank You To All those Who Helped Us Make This Possible For Our Vets!