About The Creator

How It All Started

I Am A Retired Barber And Have Met So Many Faces And Personalities Both Young & Old. These People Touched My Life With So Many Beautiful Memories And Thoughts That Will Stay With Me Forever.

“Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder, Climbing High Into The Sun. Here They Come Zooming To Meet Our Thunder, At ‘Em Boys, Give ‘Er The Gun!”

The Goal

My Goal Was to Out-Live My Clients But Unfortunately My Hip Had Another Idea. At Least I Went Out Still Being Loved And Missed By Many. Which Brought Me To This.

Giving Back

I Wanted To Give Back Something That Was Very Dear To My Heart. Being A Mom To Military Veterans, I Decided To come Up With A Way To Give Back To All Those In The Military That Give Us Our Freedom Daily From The Sacrifices They Give For Us.

Call It Fate

It Was Then That I Met A Dear Friend, StellarVision Media. With A Long Family Military History As Well & A Huge Respect For Veterans, Together WE Put The Concept Into Motion And Created OUR Way To Give Back.

Design & Refine

We’ve Put In Endless Hour Of Creating All Of This And Making The Dream Come True. With Ms. GenPatt’s Dream & StellarVisions Passion We Built Something Organic, Pure, Honest & Honorable. We Are Beyond Proud Of What We Have Built. We Hope You Will Join Us In Celebrating Our Vets.

The Token

The Token As Well As Every Aspect Of The Cuts Token Project Was Entirely Built IN-HOUSE. We Took The Time To Learn And Build What We Truly Believe To Be One Of The Most Open, Honest & Transparent Projects On The Stellar Blockchain!

How Is Cuts Token Different?

The Cuts Token Is Different Than Many If Not MOST Tokens Or Assets Issued On The Stellar Blockchain In That, Being A Donation Only Token And Not Meant To Provide Profit Or Future Dividends We Needed To Maintain The Transparency Of The Project To Allow Donators To Have Full Clarity, Trust & Transparency As To Where The Donated Monies Are Then Divided Into The Project Itself.

What Sets Us Apart?

First, Unlike Most Tokens Where The General Reason For Buying Is To Gain Profit Or Benefit From The Purchase, Cuts Token Is The Complete Opposite. We Custom Designed Cuts To Be The Digital Version Of Walking Past A Donation Jar And Dropping Your Donation Into And Never Expecting To See Any Personal Gains From Doing So. However, Unlike A Donation Jar, With Cuts Being On The Stellar Blockchain We Are Able To Provide 100% Transparency As To Where And How Your Donation Is Used.

Traditionally, With Most Donations The Giver Tends To Anticipate Very Little Of The Initial Donation Amount Actually Going To The Intended Purpose. Not So With Cuts. We, Through The Power Of Stellar, Are Able To Show Clearly That A FULL 50% Of ALL DONATIONS Goes To The Actual Haircuts Themselves. Which, Is The Entire Purpose Of The Project In The First Place. We Are Able To Show Through The Stellar Ledger That 50% Of All Donations Are Sent To Our Escrow Account And It’s From Here That We Pay Barbers & Stylists To Conduct The Actual Haircuts. Thus, Giving You The Supporter The Utmost Confidence That You ARE Making A Difference To A Real Vet With Every Purchase Of Cuts Tokens! Thank You By The Way.

Secondly, Unlike Many Tokens On The Stellar Blockchain, The Cuts Token also OPERATES Very Differently In That, Because It Is A Donation Token And We Felt Very Strongly About Being Able To Protect The Integrity Of The Act Of The Donation, We Felt It Was Imperative That We Also Build In A Means Of Protecting The Donation From Being Falsely Manipulated Once Purchased By Nefarious Actors Within The Digital Space. This Was Crucial To Us A Team And Project As A Whole.

How Did We Achieve That? Well, Within Stellar There Exists A Protocol Which Traditionally In The Eyes Of The General Masses Holds A Certain Amount Of Trepidation And Concern. We Discovered That By Utilizing This Protocol We Were Able To Add Real Utility To Our Projects Model And Integrity. What Is This Protocol You Ask?

THE CLAWBACK! Yes, The Clawback. Traditionally The Clawback Protocol That Exists Within Stellar Strikes Fear Into The Trust Of A Project As It Allows The Asset To Be ‘Clawed Back” From Your Wallet Without Your Authorization. Now, From A Profit Asset Based Mindframe This Would Of Course Be Cause For Concern. However, In The Case Of Cuts, It Actually ADDS UTILITY In That It Allows Us To Upon Purchase Of The Token Claw Them Back From The Wallet So As To Prevent Bots Or Nefarious Actors From Then Falsely Using The Cuts Tokens For Further Personal Gain. Again, This Protection Was Paramount To Us!

By Clawing The Tokens Back We Not Only Stop Any Manipulation But Because Of The Way We Have It Built, There Is No Way To Use The Cuts Tokens For Any Trading Pairs, Liquidity Pools, AMM’s Or Any Other Route To Gain From Them As We Can Pull Them From Anywhere. This, Guarantees Our Donators That Your Kindness And Generosity Towards Our Vets Stays Honorable And True To The Cause In This New Digital Space.

What Happens After The Clawback? We Then Send The Clawbacked Tokens To A Holdings Wallet Also On The Stellar Blockchain Which Is 100% Transparent On The Stellar Ledger. We Do This As A Simple Extra Step To Give Confidence To Our Supporters That We Are Not Just Re-Adding The Tokens To Ourselves Thusly Allowing For “Double Dipping” If You Will. The Tokens Are Sent To The Holdings Account And Once A Month Will Be Fully Burned By Sending Them Back To The Issuing Account Again Fully Visible On The Stellar Ledger. We Feel That By Including This Very Simple Step We Simply Create Just One More Level Of Confidence To The Cuts Token Project And To The Stellar Community As A Whole.

We Hope That Through These Very Carefully Planned Out And Crafted Means Of Protecting The Generosity Towards Our Vets And The Cuts Token Project That We As A Team Will Lead The Way To Being Known As A #PioneerProject In The Amazing Stellar Ecosystem! Thank You To All Our Vets For Your Service & Thank You To All Our Supporters!

-The Cuts Token Team.