Meet The Team

Meet Who Makes This Project Possible, Yes… There Really Are ONLY 2 Of Us!→

Meet the team

Ms. GenPatt

Creator & CEO

StellarVision Media

Developer/ Co-Creator

Ms. GenPatt:

Ms GenPatt Is The Creator Of The Cuts Token. A Vet Mom & A Very Kind Hearted Soul. It Was Her Dream To See The Cuts Token Project Become A Reality. Due To Her Belief, The Veterans Should Be Honored In Any Possible Capacity. She Utilized Her Career Experience To fulfill The Honor Intended Towards Those Veterans.

StellarVision Media:

SV Is A Visionary, A Dreamer. He Loves To Sit and Build Sites & Video Clips. SV Learned How To Make every aspect Of This Project IN HOUSE With Some AMAZING HELP From Members Of The Stellar Community! Just So We Could Maintain The Integrity Of The Project. SV Spends Hours And Hours Refining Every Aspect. ” The Beauty Of Cuts, Is That It’s Organic. It Grew Naturally Within Itself And The Stellar Community. Our Vets Fought For Us, We Owe It To Them To Give Back.”