Welcome To The Cuts Token Roadmap

“Every Experience In Life That You Endure And Go Through Is A Stone,

It Is Up To You, Whether You Use Those Stones To Build A Long Winding Beautiful Pathway…

… Or A Wall.”

-StellarVision Media

The Cuts Token’s Stepping Stones Roadmap

In Mid 2022 The Original Cuts Token Was Minted Under Poor Pretenses And Devious Prior Developer Behaviour Looking To Subvert The Project As Well As The Creator’s Dream. This Was Not Going To Be Allowed On Our Watch. Period.
Early 2023 Cuts Token Creator Ms. GenPatt & StellarVision Media Work Together To Build The Cuts Token Project That You Now See Today. Through Very Careful Planning And Dedication, The Cuts Token Project Was Tested Over & Over. Each Time Coming Out Stronger, And More Determined To Prevail.
The Second Version Of Cuts Was Minted Using Stellarmint Under The SPS Labs Sub-Moniker Of StellarVison Media. This Was Used Until The Need For Full And Total Control Against Malicious Bots & Digital Space “Bad Actors” Became An Ever Apparent Need. Once Again, We Went Back To The Drawing Board.
The Cuts Token Team Began An Exhausting Full Overhaul Of The Project. Making Sure That Security Of The Donations Generosity Was Held Paramount And That At No Time Could That Generosity Be Used To Gain Adversely By Bots And “Bad Actors”. The Cuts Team Began Intensive Personal Learning In The Very Programming Of The Token Itself Through The Stellar Lab. For Weeks The Developer Learned Through Zoom Meetings With An AMAZING Community Member Who Took The Time To Help Us Learn How To Protect What We Saw In Cuts. Using The Stellar Testnet We Programmed The Test Token Over And Over Until We Felt We Had It Just Right. Nothing Less Than Perfect Was Acceptable. We Owed It To The Community That Believed In Us And Also Our Vets!
Enter The Dreaded CLAWBACK!
We Custom Developed The Cuts Token To Be Unique. One Of A Kind If Not, The First Of It’s Kind On Stellar And On Blockchain. A Digital Donation Token That Provides 100% Transparency To The Donating Parties With Proof Positive Results Of The Direct Benefits Of Those Donations Going To Exactly Where They Were Meant To Go. By Adding The Clawback That Already Existed Within Stellar’s Protocols, We Found That It Gave Us A Level Of Control Over The Project That Flipped The Power Back To Us And In Doing So To The Community As It Provided Full Clarity As To The Utility Of The Cuts Token Project On The Stellar Blockchain.
February 2023, We Began The Process Of In House Learning Website Design & Creation. Our Development End Learned How To Also Take Control Of THIS Aspect Of The Project As Well. After All, We Expect Nothing But The Best For Our Supporters And As Such We Felt It Imperative To Then Also Learn This End As Well. Thus, What You See Before You In The Form Of Our Website Is Not Only The Product Of Once Again Countless Hours Of Learning And Then Putting Into Reality What We Saw In Cuts To Share With Everyone Else In Digital Media Form. As We Grow, So Too Will Our Developing Skills And Abilities And As We Acquire More Funds To Put Towards Far Greater Creation Equipment, We Will Be Able To Then Generate Even More Exciting Content Here.
February 2023, The New Token And Web Site Are Launched With The Full Control Of The Cuts Token Team.. ( All Two Of Us 🙂 ) We Proudly Launched The Fully Clawback & Revocable Cuts Token Under Our Home Domain That We Minted In House By Ourselves. The Initial Launch Was Received With Huge Success And Already We Have Made Significant Progress In National Recognition And Are Working To Network The Project To Connect With Other Projects And Donors To Assist In Our Dream Of Continuing The Project Even Further.
Where Does Cuts Look To Go In The Future? With Our Already Robust Framework For Transparency And Clarity, We Felt The Natural Progression For Cuts As The First Ever Digital Donation Token On Stellar Was The Eventual Implementation Of A Soroban Smart Contract Allowing The Cuts Token Project To Once Again Set A Milestone In That It Would Then Be The First Digital Donation Smart Contract That Provides 100% Transparency To You The Donor And To The Stellar Community As Well, Paving The Way For Other Projects To Model After As A Stellar #PioneerProject As We Truly Feel There Is Not ANYTHING Like The Cuts Token Project On Stellar And We Have Every Intention Of Incorporating Many New Features Including The Delivery Of Custom NFT’s Created Also In House As A Digital Form Of Receipt Of Your Donation Sent Directly To Your Digital Wallet As An Airdrop Through Further Incorporation Of Soroban Smart Contract Systems Within The Cuts Token Framework.
2023 And Beyond… Further Development And Broader Reach Of Media Footprint To Bring Greater Awareness To The Project And Possible Side Projects Down The Road In The Form Of Supporting Profit Tokens To Accompany The Cuts Donation Token. A Beautiful Pairing For Sure. We Are Also Enjoying Growing Our Contests That We Already Have And Have Planned For Future Contests. We Will Be Incorporating A Blog Page As Well As A Memorial/ Wall Of Heroes Page Where You As The Community Can Send Us A Submission Of Your Hero And What They Mean To You As Well As Why The Cuts Token Project Means So Much To You And Who Knows… We May Just Choose A Special One Here And There And Send You A Shiny Thank You For Your Support! Gear, Merch, Items, Contests And…. Don’t Forget Our Actual Haircuts page Where We Showcase The Reason We Are All Here In The First Place… To Show Our Respect To Those That Gave Everything They Have Just So We Could Enjoy The Freedoms We Have All Come To Love. Thank You All For Your Service. And Thank You All For Your Support Of The Cuts Token Project.
We Appreciate You All.
-The Cuts Token Team

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